Regional Teen Insititute - Youth Make a
United Way of Central WV, One United Way Square, Charleston, WV 25301-1096, 304-340-3622
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West Virginia’s teens, tearing down the lies of Big Tobacco and fighting them with all we’ve got – our passion, our power and our minds.

Raze is spreading throughout the state – county by county, community by community, school by school and student by student. With every voice our message is growing in number and in strength, and we’re now seeing a decline in West Virginia teens using deadly tobacco.

Members of Raze are active by doing commotions. These are teen-led protests; peaceful demonstrations to draw attention to the dangers of tobacco use.

The battle is far from over, though. We still need YOU to get involved. Smokers and non-smokers are welcome in our fight against Big Tobacco. Come on; you’ve got the energy and influence to make a difference. So, what are you waiting for? Join now!

Teen Insititute Camp 2012 - kids at camp