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The Social Action Plays

The Social Action Plays by Dan Kehde are written to be performed before audiences aged 12 and older. Some of the language and circumstances of the plays are typical of those found in high school and post high school environments and may not be considered suitable for younger audiences.

All plays are copyrighted, owned and written by Dan Kehde. “A Service For Jeremy Wong”, “The Girls Room,” “Love Is Not An Angry Thing”, and “Gone Tomorrow” are available through Eldridge Publishing
Company, Tallahassee, Fla.

The Contemporary Youth Arts Company is a for profit theater that is honored to pay its fair share of taxes to the community which has supported it for the past 22 years.

A Predator Among Us

Mike, a thirty something sexual predator, shares his secrets for success in this horrendously realistic portrayal of one of the greatest threats to young people today. 45-60 min [discussion to follow]
Cast: Aaron Stull, Winter Wilcox, Siercia O’Brien Directed by Nik Tidquist

A Simple Divorce

What do you do when you find out your parents are breaking up? Two teenaged sisters take different paths as they deal with the grief and insecurity of divorce. 45-60 min
Cast: Grace Javins, Afton Myers, Blaize Hurbutt

The Forever Clause

Love, innocence and dreams of the future meet the reality of an unwanted pregnancy in this poignant and heart breaking drama
45-60 min
Cast: Jakob Spruce, Roza Beller, Gage Snodgrass, Kristen McMillion

Gone Tomorrow…

When Ricky, a ninth grader, falls in love and has sex for the first time, he doesn’t imagine the tragedy it creates for many of his classmates. Infected with the HIV virus, he dates and has sex with four more girls during high school before he discovers that he’s HIV positive. Tracing his sexual contacts, he and his doctordiscover that over 50 of his classmates could be infected. 45-60 min
Cast: Faith Medley, Kristen McMillion, Brett Smith, Sophia Mallory, Jay
Gandee Directed by Nik Tidquist

Keeping Bobby Close

The entire high school grieved when Bobby Close was killed in the accident, but to three of his closest companions, Mike, his best friend, Sandy, his girlfriend, and his younger sister Julie, the loss was too profound to handle. “Keeping Bobby Close” follows their healing process as they come to terms with their loss, and begin to learn to live with the memory of their friend. 45-60 min
Cast: Matt Connelly, Grace Javins, Logan Umlor, Kim Waybright Directed by Nik Tidquist

The Girls Room

Four friends share the pain and betrayal of date rape in this compelling drama of surviving what has become an epidemic in junior highs, high schools and colleges nationwide. 45-60 min

Love Is Not An Angry Thing

When Tina, a 14 year old high school freshman falls in love, she thinks it will last forever. But as her relationship with Greg grows stronger, she is forced to give up her best friend, her sports, and everything in her life for the boy who loves her. When she tries to have a life of her own, Greg turns to violence to keep the girl he loves.
45-60 min
Cast: Devin Elliott, Audrey McMillion

A Service For Jeremy Wong

A young, outwardly gay, Asian American high school student is horribly murdered behind an abandoned motel on a desolate highway in rural West Virginia. When his fellow students are asked to hold a service during school hours, the entire student body is polarized. 105 min [discussion to follow]
Cast: Madison McGhee, Lee Armstead, Devin Elliott, Siercia O’Brien, Nik Tidquist, Matt Connelly, Jay Gandee, Blaize Hurbutt, Winter Wilcox, Logan Umlor, Roza Beller, Rubin Shirley, Sophia Mallory, Aaron Stull

Boy’s Night

The disturbing drama of a young man accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a young woman his denial, his punishment, his rationalization and the friends who justify his actions and excuse his crime.
45-60 min. [Discussion to follow]
Cast: Nik Tidquist, Matt Connelly, Jakob Spruce, Blaize Hurbutt, Rubin Shirley

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